🎚️InfStones serves as a Node Operator for Eigenpie

The integration between Eigenpie and InfStones heralds a new chapter in the DeFi world, combining Eigenpie’s advanced liquid restaking solutions with InfStones’ top-tier validation services. This collaboration seeks to boost user engagement and trust in the EigenLayer ecosystem and offers more flexible options, allowing users to interact with their assets more actively within decentralized finance.

What is InfStones?

InfStones is a leading blockchain infrastructure provider, enabling users to build Web3 applications with unmatched agility, reliability, and scalability across more than 80 leading blockchain protocols. Its intuitive platform facilitates easy node launch and management, PoS token staking, InfStone API usage, and more. With servers distributed globally and multi-cloud deployment on Oracle® and others, InfStones guarantees seamless connectivity.

InfStones is renowned for their high standards of security and comprehensive due diligence in the digital assets space. Their proven expertise makes them an ideal partner for Eigenpie as we aim to offer our community only the best in the industry. InfStones now supports all AVSs registered on EigenLayer, aiming to enhance the security of these AVSs while offering higher rewards for restakers!

Validating Services Across EigenLayer

By possessing Eigenpie Liquid Restaking Tokens (LRTs), users can engage in the validation process managed by InfStones. This participation is essential for upholding security and building consensus within the EigenLayer ecosystem. Utilizing its robust infrastructure, InfStones facilitates the validation of new Automated Validation Services (AVS), acting as a Node Operator for the LSTs delegated by Eigenpie. This collaboration enhances the ecosystem’s reliability and performance.

Extra Rewards for Eigenpie Users

Eigenpie will join InfStones’ Loyalty Points Program by choosing InfStones as our Node Operator for those delegated LSTs and ETH. Thereby winning a share of the $1,000,000 Giveaway from InfStones! Eigenpie will facilitate the distribution of rewards from InfStones directly to the participants, adding an extra layer of value to your investments.

InfStones Loyalty Points Program is a rewards program designed to quantify and incentivize delegators’ contributions to the ever-growing InfStones ecosystem. Delegators will earn loyalty points through staking, referral, and community engagement. These Loyalty Points will grant users the ability to unlock the $1,000,000 Giveaway, as well as the opportunity to earn InfStones’ Rebates and Partner Airdrops! More details can be found on InfStones’ blog.

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