What is Eigenpie?

Eigenpie is the first isolated liquid restaking platform for ETH LSTs, leveraging the infrastructure of EigenLayer and allowing LST holders to earn more.

As a SubDAO created within the Magpie ecosystem, Eigenpie contributes to EigenLayer by enabling a process known as liquid restaking. Through this feature, users can deposit their LSTs into Eigenpie's platform, which then restakes these tokens using the EigenLayer protocol. This mechanism allows users to receive liquid restaking tokens (LRTs) that represent their restaked LSTs and continue to accrue staking rewards. These LRTs maintain liquidity, meaning they can be traded, transferred, and utilized across DeFi applications, offering additional passive income opportunities.

The integration of Eigenpie with EigenLayer introduces several benefits, such as enhancing network participation and security by increasing the flexibility of "Liquid Staking" through "Restaking".

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