Eigenpie is a Liquid Restaking Platform that has created a Liquid Restaked version of various ETH LSTs. These can be used by Node Operators within the EigenLayer Ecosystem to validate new services.

Liquid Staking participants can reuse their LSTs by restaking them as LRTs (Liquid Restaking Tokens) through Eigenpie. Then, Eigenpie stakes these LRTs through Node Operators on EigenLayer. The Node Operators use the LRTs to secure new "Actively Validated Services" (AVS) like L1 blockchains, Layer 2 Solutions, etc,.

LRT holders from Eigenpie are poised to earn revenue through their direct participation in validating new AVS (Actively Validated Services) and from their underlying LSTs simultaneously

Eigenpie serves as a Liquid Restaked ETH provider for Node Operators that simultaneously provides LST holders with the benefits of Liquid Restaking on EigenLayer, ehnacning their passive income potential.

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