๐ŸŒŠIsolated Native Restaking

Users are able to seamlessly access Native Restaking on Eigenpie, thanks to our alliance with ssv.network.

This integration presents an innovative solution poised to significantly enhance revenues for native restaking participants within the EigenLayer framework. By decentralizing the validation process, it aims to increase the reliability and potentially the rewards of staking operations. This initiative confidently advances to enhance user engagement and trust, introducing a more rewarding strategy that empowers ETH stakers to utilize their assets with greater efficacy and results.

What is ssv.network

ssv.network is a fully decentralized, open-source network for ETH staking that utilizes Secret Shared Validator (SSV) technology. SSV, also referred to as Distributed Validator Technology (DVT), offers a transparent and straightforward framework for dividing a validator key into various KeyShares. This technology enables the operation of an Ethereum validator across several trust-minimized node operators.

Utilizing ssv.network to run an Ethereum validator ensures active-active redundancy, enhances validator key protection, and provides advantages to the Ethereum network, staking pools, staking services, and individual stakers.

In addition, each node-operator can utilize a unique selection of execution and consensus clients, ensuring optimal client-diversity; thus gaining Eigenpieโ€™s validator set with impeccable, Ethereum-aligned client diversity.

The SSV Token

Secret Shared Validator (SSV) is the native token of ssv.network.

SSV token utility:

  • Payments โ€” Act as a method for stakers to reward operators for overseeing their validators.

  • Governance โ€” Facilitates involvement in decision-making and treasury distributions related to ssv.network.

The SSV token is fundamental for the networkโ€™s capability to engage a community and incentivize the relevant stakeholders to provide meaningful contributions to the network.

Optimizing Native Restaking Rewards

EigenLayer and ssv.network can work in complete harmony, offering complementary functionalities for native restaking. By leveraging the ssv.networkโ€™s DVT technology, Eigenpie aims to enhance optimal liveliness, security, and decentralization for its validators.

Integrating Eigenpie with ssv.network optimizes native restaking by decentralizing the validation process, which can increase the reliability and potentially the rewards of staking operations. The integration works by distributing the natively restaked Ethereum across multiple operators, ensuring continuous validation and minimizing the risks associated with centralization or validator downtime.

Through Eigenpie, native restakers will have the opportunity to boost their earnings by receiving incentives in SSV tokens on top of their staking and restaking revenue. These tokens act as a reward for participating in the decentralized validation process facilitated by ssv.network. Earning SSV tokens gives restakers a proportional interest in the network, enabling them to reap benefits from its aggregate staking success and have a voice in its governance decisions. This reward system is designed to encourage and incentivize active participation in the networkโ€™s maintenance and growth.


Native ETH stakers will receive egETH tokens from Eigenpie upon restaking natively on our platform. egETH is an LRT created by Eigenpie exclusively for native restakers. Users who restake their ETH via Eigenpie will earn 2x Eigenpie Points.

As we embrace the journey ahead, Eigenpie is prepared to maximize benefits for our native ETH stakers through integration with ssv.network. We express our gratitude to our community for their support and commitment. Make sure to stay tuned for more thrilling opportunities that this collaboration will unveil, further enhancing our shared vision and the value we deliver in the decentralized finance ecosystem.


  • Native ETH Restakers on Eigenpie will earn 2x Eigenpie Points.

  • Once the ssv.networkโ€™s Incentivized Mainnet Program cap is met, Eigenpie will restake ETH natively directly through Node Operators.

  • Withdrawals for Native Restaking will not be opened at launch.

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