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Isolated Liquid Restaking

Eigenpie presents a novel approach to the Liquid Restaking narrative by isolating risks related to any specific LST asset accepted by EigenLayer. We understand that each LST has its own composition, and we provide LST holders with the opportunity to receive a specific Liquid Restaked version of their underlying assets. The Isolated Liquid Restaked token received by users when depositing their LSTs on Eigenpie is only linked to the performance of the specific token that was restaked, and not to any other Liquid Staked Tokens. Eigenpie offers a unique Liquid Restaked version for each LST that is supported by EigenLayer.

- Optimal Experience

Isolated Liquid Restaking through Eigenpie creates new options for risk-averse LST holders who prefer not to be exposed to a mix of underlying assets through restaking. This approach offers a more effective and tailored DeFi experience, as holders from various LST protocols can gain from tokens that specifically represent their own LST.

- Security-Focused

If a security issue affects any LST, only the holders of its Isolated Liquid Restaked version will be directly impacted. This greatly lowers the chance of holders of various LSTs being affected due to one compromised LST. Eigenpie currently offers support to all LSTs accepted by EigenLayer, and each has its own Isolated Liquid Restaked version. Our commitment to a sustainable platform for the long term firmly prioritizes this as a key point of focus.

- What Eigenpie does once you deposit your LSTs?

Eigenpie efficiently restakes your LSTs on EigenLayer. When users deposit their assets on Eigenpie, they receive a Liquid Restake version of their deposited LST. The restaked version retains its original name, but with the letter "m" added as a prefix.

The LRTs created by Eigenpie are set to be used by Node Operators of the EigenLayer Ecosystem. Operators carry out the task of validating new technologies and features, such as new L1 blockchains, new L2 blockchains, bridges, etc., while leveraging the security of Ethereum. This structure enables LRT holders from Eigenpie to earn revenue by validating other platforms.

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